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Alumni Spotlights Zoe Watts Class of 2022 EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts, Connecticut College (expected in 2026) WHAT HAS YOUR FIRST YEAR AWAY FROM DE LA SALLE BEEN LIKE? I found the challenge of attending college so far from Chicago to be a relatively easy transition. As a Posse Scholar, I have the opportunity and blessing to be part of a cohort of students hailing from Chicago at Connecticut College. Even, a Class of 2021 graduate, Ian Hopkins is here, too, and he’s a Posse Scholar as well. And, being a member of the volleyball team has helped me adapt to my new environs with teammates from Chicago who also played in the Catholic Leagues. I have mostly made friends with my teammates and I hope to branch out a bit and widen my friendships during my second semester and remaining years at college. HOW DID DLS PREPARE YOU FOR POSTSECONDARY LIFE? I owe a lot to Coach Marassa for all that she did for me and does for the Meteors volleyball team. She really prepared me for the college game and helped me become a better player ready to play at the collegiate level. She taught me to work hard…
David Terry
March 2, 2023
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Chicago Sun-Times: Freedom Center has a fan

Hardly celebrated as great architecture, the Tribune’s printing plant earned admiration for the trains that supply it. By  Neil Steinberg (Source)   Dec 8, 2022, 11:44am CST   Horace Nowell, 26, is a railfan, someone who enjoys watching and photographing trains. His passion led him to spend five years, off and on, building a model of Freedom Center, the printing plant that might soon be replaced by its new owner, Bally’s casino. Provided Honestly? I do not like anything about Freedom Center, the Chicago Tribune’s printing plant along the Chicago River. I do not like its expanse of blank brown brick walls. Nor its little lines of arched windows. I don’t even like its name, “Freedom Center,” dripping with the sham patriotism that the Tribune’s long-ago editor and publisher, Col. Robert McCormick, slathered over his particular brand of cornfed xenophobia. But then, I am not Horace Nowell. “I wish it could be saved,” said the 26-year-old. Don’t bet on that, though you might be able to place bets there someday. Last month, casino owner Bally’s bought the building and its 30-acre site near Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street, for $200 million, with plans to build a $1.7 billion casino complex there. Bally’s…
David Terry
December 9, 2022
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School Profile

Honor Key Award Awardees + DeceasedMr. Joseph M. McGuire ’37 + Mr. William W. McKenna ’23 + Mr. Raymond S. McKeough 1905 + Rev. Stephen E. McMahon 1903 + Rev. William E. McManus Mr. Joseph B. Meegan ’28 + Mr. George J. Miller ’36 + Mr. Ed Morrissey 1919 + Mr. Michael F. Mulcahy 1915 + Mr. Charles F. Murphy 1906 + Mr. Morgan F. Murphy ’23 + Mr. Raymond J. Murphy ’58 Mr. Robert E. Murphy 1905 + Mr. Terence E. Murphy ’60 + Mr. Simon Murray 1914 + Mr. Richard V. Nugent ’26 + Mr. James O’Brien ’26 + Mr. Hugh J. O’Kelly ’36 + Rev. Comerford J. O’Malley + Mr. William E. O’Mara ’53 + Mr. Frank M. Oswald ’36 + Mr. Henry M. Pacini 1919 + Mr. Dominic A. Pacyga ’67 Mr. James R. Parker ’71 Mr. John C. Parmer ’46 + Mr. John L. Paukstis ’38 + Mr. Sam P. Pusateri ’44 + Mr. Richard Radecki Mr. Charles H. Ready 1909 + Mr. Thomas L. Riordan + Mr. Harold J. Rumsey ’48 + Mr. Daniel B. Ryan 1912 + Mr. Michael F. Ryan 1908 + Mr. Thomas J. Sargant ’62 + Mr. John M. Scelonge…
David Terry
December 2, 2022
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