No matter where you are, you can get to De La Salle. But if a car or train isn’t possible, our De La Salle buses are here for you.

We have bus routes all around Chicago to get you here on Michigan Avenue. If you’re taking the yellow De La Salle bus, you’ll meet at a designated stop and hand the bus driver one ticket (or $4) per ride. Bus tickets are available for purchase at the Meteor Shop during Back to School Days in August.

Buses are scheduled to arrive at De La Salle approximately 15 – 20 minutes before school begins. If traffic or weather causes a delay in arrival time, teachers are told to hold attendance and students are not considered late. In order to receive text messages if the bus is running in excess of 20 minutes late, please opt into the messaging system by sending ‘yes’ to 67587 from the cell phone you placed in the Bus Rider Sign Up Form. Please contact your service provider to let them know you wish to accept texts from this 5 digit number.

At the end of each day, buses leave 10 minutes after dismissal.

Bus Sign up Form

By the first week of August, completed school bus routes are available for viewing on the Transportation page of the De La Salle website: Students are permitted to use any route and any stop they wish both morning and afternoon, as long as they’ve taken the bus at least once every two weeks. Make sure to submit a completed bus rider signup form by May 31st or else you might not be included in the routing process. Seats are limited!

The Transportation Office reserves the right to modify all routes at any time. We will do our best to notify parents and students prior to changes throughout the year. Any bus owned, operated or chartered by De La Salle Institute is considered to be a mobile classroom and the ride is a school-sponsored event. Therefore, all students are expected to show respect, maintain order and listen to authority just as they would in a classroom.

For insurance purposes, only De La Salle students may ride the De La Salle bus. Food, beverages, use of cell phones, smoking, pets, unbecoming language, and abusive noise are not permitted. Neither is boisterousness, clowning, heckling or any abuse of windows, equipment, driver, fellow riders or outsiders.

Because failure to abide by these bus regulations can jeopardize the safety of lives and the reputation of the school, we want both parents and students to clearly understand that such conduct will be considered more serious than similar conduct elsewhere, and can result in immediate and permanent removal from the bus and perhaps from the school.