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September 2023 Lasallian Educator of the Month

By September 22, 2023No Comments

The September Lasallian Educator of the Month

Mr. Ed Byrne

I like this person as a teacher because he is understanding, and always in high spirits. Every time he sees me, he takes the time to greet me to see how I am doing in school. He is one of my favorite teachers at school because he is kind and always in good spirits. He is the best!

He makes you want to come to class with a positive attitude and be ready to learn. His lesson plans make it easy to comprehend and remember the information. He is a very understanding and passionate teacher and it’s easier to learn when you know the teacher actually cares if you get the information they’re teaching.

Although he has never taught me, he makes sure to speak to me every time he sees me with such great enthusiasm. He is the brightest person in the hallway and seems as if he really loves what he is doing. His kind heart and bubbly spirit can always count on making my day better.

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