Campus Ministry

You can always spot the Meteors in the room - they’re the ones most willing to help. Check out the ways we serve our school, the greater Chicagoland community, and connect with one another during Class Retreats and school-wide celebrations of our Catholic faith.

Christian Service Learning Experience

All students are required to complete 10 hours per semester of Theology class. New to service? Start with helping who you know – non-profit organizations like your church or elementary school. Older students are encouraged to stretch further out into the community and explore non-profit organizations which may require more responsibility or have a niche mission such as Working Bikes – a bike-repair and distribution organization for low-income communities:

You can also find many great ideas updated here:

  • St. James Food Pantry – a DLS partner in the community: website
  • The Br. David Darst Center – Lasallian Retreat Center in Bridgeport; directory of partner agencies: website
  • Just Roots – a community farm located next to St. James Food Pantry: website
  • Chicago Cares – directory of service sites in Chicago: website
  • Volunteer Match – directory of service sites in Chicago: website
  • ShareOurSpare – donations for children 0-5 years. website
  • TopBox Foods – Provide affordable produce to communities in need: website

If you still need ideas, your teacher and/or the Campus Ministry office (located in the Media Center) can help point you in the direction of service opportunities specifically for Meteors.

Campus Ministry Team

Ms. Emily Vogel
Vice President of Mission and Ministry

Mr. Dan Dowling
Assistant Campus Minister

Mr. Marc Vega ’10
Assistant Campus Minister

Ms. Monique Cruz
Lasallian Youth Moderator

Whether our students participate as peer ministers or Lasallian Youth Leaders, Meteors lead the charge in serving the members of their community.

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministers are juniors and seniors dedicated to fostering the spiritual life of our students through assistance with retreats, liturgy (when we gather as a school multiple times throughout the year to celebrate the Eucharist), prayer services, and the Giving Drive. A school favorite, our 7:45 a.m. Friday Prayer is led by Peer Ministers who lead prayer based on student needs (like praying for exams, meditating during turbulent times, celebrating gratitude, etc.) and read the special intentions that were listed in the prayer book (open for all in the chapel).

Applications to become a Peer Minister are available every May.

Lasallian Youth

This is a student-led club that is open to everyone and is focused on faith, service, community, and social justice. We meet every Thursday at 7:45am. Please refer to Schoology and join the Lasallian Youth group page for complete and updated information regarding meeting times and locations. ALL STUDENTS are welcome to come to ALL Lasallian Youth activities AT ANY TIME. You just have to show up!

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Our school population recognizes, welcomes, and honors all faith denominations. Whether we’re gathering to pray or meditate in the chapel during Friday Morning Prayer or gathering together for Mass in the Parmer Activity Center, Campus Ministry helps us keep our Catholic faith a priority. One of the main values of our Lasallian values (faith, service, and community), our spirit of faith is paramount to the De La Salle experience. Our Class Retreats are a popular way to share, and celebrate, that faith on a more personal level.

Class Retreats

Class Retreats are a way to connect with your peers. On the second day of your freshman year, you’ll learn how to Stand Tall in the Lasallian Tradition. As a sophomore, you’ll spend a day in service at the St. James’ Food Pantry and/or Just Roots and/or a San Miguel School. Juniors always love their retreat – a 2-day overnight stay at the beautiful LaSalle Manor. In fact, because Juniors always love their retreat, there’s an option to return for an overnight stay as a Senior.