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Christian Brother from Italy Visits De La Salle Institute

By January 24, 2023January 31st, 2023No Comments
Vincenzo Fioretto, a former Christian Brother from Sicily visited De La Salle Institute last week with his daughter, Angela.
Mr. Fioretto lost his sight while a Christian Brother and was no longer able to teach.
With the help of the Christian Brothers, he was given one of the first cornea transplants in Italy.
It was his dream to visit a LaSallian school while traveling in the United States.
His dear friend, Brother Alberto, told him De La Salle would be the best place to visit.
He is pictured here with his daughter Angela, Brother Kevin Fitzgerald, FSC and Brother Tom Hetland, FSC.
He also talked with President Anne Marie Tirpak.
Mr. Fioretto presented De La Salle with a book he authored on the Holy Trinity.

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