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The Women of D: Mrs. Ania Ray

By March 18, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

During the month of March, we are taking time to highlight several of our esteemed colleagues and reflect on all they do to ensure that De La Salle is a safe, vibrant, and wonderful institution of learning. The Women of D are a vital part of our community. We are grateful for your contributions.


Meet Mrs. Ania Ray.

She is part of the Language Arts Faculty and leads Choir or plays piano for Fr. Paul’s Sunday Masses. She has been at De La Salle since 2015, first as a student teacher and then hired full-time later that year. She teaches two Spanish classes in the morning, then two Creative Writing sections, and ends her day with Honors English I.


Background and Journey to De La Salle

“I’m the daughter of Polish immigrants who stressed the importance of education,” says Mrs. Ray. “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and a writer who plays the piano and sings sometimes. I wasn’t planning on student teaching at De, but DePaul said the position was open and I figured I could read and complete homework on the red line from Uptown to the southside.” She speaks openly about how much she “loved the community at Lourdes Hall. I was hired to teach English at Lourdes Hall and later fell in love with the co-ed experience at the Institute Campus. It’s a bonus that I’ve been able to teach, publish a book, and direct the choir the past six years.”


What inspires you about De La Salle?

Mrs. Ray couldn’t be more thrilled about the caliber of student at De La Salle and openly praises them for helping her become the teacher she is, noting that “I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without the influence of the De La Salle community, especially our students. If you need help? They serve. If you feel alone? They include. If you’re having a hard day? They share their faith. They’re amazing.”


What Woman has been an inspiration to you?

“I admire my mother. Her spirit and zest for life is infectious: her love of travel and focus on relationships inspires me to find both security and freedom in how I live – with the audacity to see where life takes me and the faith to anchor me when I may not see why.”

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