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The Women of D: Brittany Monaco ‘14

By March 9, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

During the month of March, we are taking time to highlight several of our esteemed colleagues and reflect on all they do to ensure that De La Salle is a safe, vibrant, and wonderful institution of learning. The Women of D are a vital part of our community. We are grateful for your contributions.


Meet Ms. Monaco.

She is an English and Journalism Teacher since 2019 and is a graduate from the Class of 2014.


Background and Journey to De La Salle

In her own words, Ms. Monaco talks about teaching “always being a passion of mine. From a young age, I played ‘school’ with my friends, volunteered as a tutor for my peers and at an elementary school while I was in high school, and worked at a tutoring center throughout college.” She goes on to talk about her love “of being part of such a rewarding field that allows me to be part of further educating and guiding our nation’s future generations.” Additionally, she notes that she is continuously learning and growing from the guidance of her peers and students.


What inspires you about De La Salle?

“As my alma mater, I always hoped to be able to return to De La Salle. De La Salle has provided me with so many opportunities from the relationships and guidance I received from my teachers to the life-long friendships I formed. I hoped one day I’d be able to give back. I am inspired to teach at De La Salle because of the dedication both the faculty and students have to education and our mission of faith, service, and community.”


What Woman has been an inspiration to you?

“I admire my grandmother because of her dedication to both her faith and her family and because of the strength she withholds.”

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