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The Women of D: Bethany Costello-Stebleton

By March 30, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

During the month of March, we are taking time to highlight several of our esteemed colleagues and reflect on all they do to ensure that De La Salle is a safe, vibrant, and wonderful institution of learning. The Women of D are a vital part of our community. We are grateful for your contributions.


Meet Bethany Costello-Stebleton

She is the Honors Program Director & English Teacher who began her career at De La Salle in 2004. “I work in the mornings 1st-3rd period doing Honors related work (monitoring student progress in the program, etc), and I teach Honors American Literature in my classroom 6th-8th period.”


Background and Journey to De La Salle

“My husband is also an English teacher here, and he began working at the Lourdes Hall Campus when it opened. I was also looking for an English teaching position, and he had so many great things to say about the community at De La Salle, so I applied and received a position teaching English 1 at the Institute campus teaching all boys. Since then, quite a bit has changed in terms of the school itself and my role here.”


What inspires you about De La Salle?

“I really enjoy teaching the students of De La Salle; the maturity, diversity, and curiosity they bring to their work and to class discussions is remarkable and delightful.”


What Woman has been an inspiration to you?

“There are so many women in American history that I admire, but I would say I admire Toni Morrison for her beautiful fiction that changed the literary landscape.”

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