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The Victory News: Freshmen, Fresh Experience: Freshmen’s Experience During Semester One

By November 30, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

Freshmen Kassandra Calvillo and Brooke Saddler experience their first year of high school while living through a global pandemic. As the world is adjusting to the new normal, Calvillo and Saddler try to get as involved in their new school as possible.

Spirit week is an annual tradition to welcome the new-comers and celebrate school spirit at De La Salle. It is a moment in which the whole school comes together. For many freshmen, as they get to experience the thrill of their first spirit week, it is a memory in which they will carry on forever. As school spirit filled the freshman hall for their first-ever spirit week, Calvillo and Saddler explained how much they enjoyed being able to meet new people, as well as, were able to see the school come together as a whole.

At De La Salle, there is a family-like community that is highly valued. During spirit week, school spirit was displayed through many theme days, a pep rally on the field, the football game, and concluded with the homecoming dance. This year, De La Salle had many interactive theme days, such as pajama day, twin day, Meteor Grow day, jersey day, and school spirit-wear day. Although, for Calvillo, her favorite was twin day as she got to see many students and staff members participating and matching with each other.

One of the things that were a little different during spirit week was the pep rally which took place in the form of a school parade. Meteor Grow periods designed their very own creative floats in which they paraded along the field to begin the pep rally. “As a freshman, the pep rally was something new that I really enjoyed,” said Cavillo. “I feel like everyone was engaged. They chose the right people to represent each Meteor Grow Group,” expressed Saddler.

This year’s spirit week was full of excitement after welcoming the new class of 2025, as well as, getting to experience a fully in-person spirit week as a whole school. For Cavillo, the joy of getting to experience the unity of the school throughout spirit week was one of her favorite parts. Coming into spirit week, homecoming exceeded Cavillo’s expectations. “I did expect to enjoy homecoming as much I did; it was a great time,” said Cavillo.

Especially for the freshmen, the new “normal” of education after learning remotely may be a hard adjustment. “I’m loving it! Now being in high school, it isn’t as hard as people made it seem,” said Saddler. “It really wasn’t hard adjusting especially in such a welcoming environment. Spirit week and the homecoming dance were exactly how they are in movies,” explained Saddler.

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