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The Victory News: Black Student Union, Unleashing History: Black History Month at De La Salle Institute

By February 24, 2022August 26th, 2022No Comments

Throughout time, African-American influencers have shown courage and empowerment that have impacted both the world and the African American youth generations to come. De La Salle Institute’s Black Student Union (BSU) plans to continue to encourage and inform students throughout Black History Month, February 2022, by honoring African-Americans and their accomplishments throughout history.

Together, the organization plans to make Black History Month a memorable one for both African-American students and the De La Salle community. “Our mission is to make sure that our school community is an equitable environment for all students, including our African-American student population, to make sure they have an outlet and a voice in school communities at all times and in all issues and matters,” explained club moderator Tracy Aldaz. BSU plans to build and include all aspects of being African-American and build the community within the school. “The goal is to get everyone in the whole school to participate and share experiences,” said Robinson.

Additionally, throughout Black History Month, BSU is completing a service project collecting personal hygiene products for two shelters [Maria Shelter and Believe Shelter, Transitional Shelter for Women and Families] that service predominantly African-American women.

Black Student Union plans to show appreciation through the plans they have proposed for Black History Month. The plans include presentations during growing periods, music that revolves around black history, a soul food menu, black history fair, trivia games, open mics, essay contests, and black legacy interviews. “Our activities are a way to help educate all of our school community on African Americans and their contributions to our society,” said Aldaz. BSU plans to make a difference and create change. They also plan on educating students on black lives through black history and the importance of it.

BSU plans to work hard to gather information on African-American history to share with the community. However, it takes more than a small group of people to get through to everyone. “They have to get involved to evolve our societies and make them more inclusive for all of us,” said Aldaz. The involvement and support of the community would help make everything better. It takes a lot. “I think that if we fail, it’s because we don’t try. Every effort is worth it, and there are no small steps; there are only no steps,” said Aldaz.

The overall impression and final thought BSU wants the community to know is that every student has a voice and an opportunity to have an outlet in the school. “I want to always advocate for the black students at De La Salle. I want to be able to help students know that it’s okay to express themselves without feeling diminished,” expressed Robinson.

BSU was formed as an outlet to talk about African-American issues and represent African-American students in the student population. “Black Student Union gives African-American students at De La Salle something to participate and show involvement in,” stated Robinson. The organization is currently in its second year, and this year they plan to influence and make a change. BSU plans to celebrate and remember important people, events, cultures, and traditions and educate the De La Salle community. “My goal is to help students understand that I am here to represent them and advocate for them,” stated Aldaz. “I would like to influence our students to get involved more and become more active in school communities, whether it is here at De La Salle or in their own communities.”

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