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Sunny’s Purpose, A Children’s Book Published by Folasade Adeoye

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Sunny's Purpose is a children's book published by senior student Folasade Adeoye.

Folasade Adeoye ’23 is fulfilling her dreams of becoming a published author. She recently published “Sunny’s Purpose,” a children’s book that teaches kids about the importance of chasing your dreams.

“I love to write and create stories,” said Folasade. “I find it rewarding to develop characters and explore their choices and behaviors.”

Following her path to becoming a published author began at an early age, but she realized after a presentation at De La Salle that she, too, could pursue the literary arts through her writing. Although “Sunny’s Purpose” is a children’s book, Folasade has her sights on writing novels and much more.

College is on her mind, but she and her parents are also very excited about the prospects of a literary career.

About the Book

Sunny’s Purpose is about a young flower at a crossroads in his life. He dislikes his current job and hopes to fulfill his dream of owning his own store one day. One night, a huge storm hits the field where Sunny lives and he ends up getting carried away to the worst place possible, the big city. On his journey throughout the city, he makes a new friend that ends up changing his life forever. Sunny’s Purpose teaches kids about the importance of chasing your dreams and that change can sometimes be a good thing. Even though Sunny was scared of the big city he was awarded an unexpected opportunity of a lifetime.

About Folasade

Folasade Adeoye is a nature-loving seventeen year old girl that grew up in the beautiful city of Chicago. Sade considers her family and her friends to be the biggest part of her life, and hopes to show her younger brothers that anything is possible. Writing Sunny’s Purpose is a dream come true for Sade and she can’t wait to write more Children’s Books in the future.

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