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September 26-30, 2022

Theme: De Disco

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Monday: “I Stayed Up Too Late Dancing At The Disco Club” PJ Day

Students may wear matching top and bottom pajama sets, “Onesies”, pajama bottoms and a DLS shirt, or De La Salle sweat pants and a DLS shirt. Flip-flops are NOT allowed, but crocs or your favorite fuzzy slippers are encouraged! Shorts or tank tops are NOT allowed (shorts or tank tops are NEVER allowed on dress down days). Clothing must be appropriate (if in doubt wear something else).

Tuesday: “Disco Ball Mirror Image” Twin Day

Students may be out of dress code only if they dress nearly identically with at least one other student or if two or more students are dressed in the same identifiable theme. Best dressed twins will receive special recognition and be photographed for the yearbook. See Mr. Dowling, Mr. Miller, Ms. Tolva, Ms. Glaesser, or Dean Cal if you have questions about what is or is not appropriate. “TWINS” must report together to either the Commons or to Room 215 before 7:55 in the morning to receive a wristband approving their outfits.

Wednesday: “Life Isn’t Just About Dancing” Flannel vs. Floral Day

Students may be dressed down (jeans/sweatpants – gym shoes/crocs) if they wear either a flannel shirt or floral shirt.

Thursday: Disco Demolition” Sports Day

Students may dress be dressed down (jeans, DLS sweatpants, or plain sweatpants with gym shoes or crocs) if they wear a jersey or shirt of their favorite sports team. Favorite team may be professional, collegiate, or De La Salle team (non DLS high school jerseys NOT allowed). Shirts and jerseys do not need to be tucked in but must be clean and presentable.

Friday: “That 70’s Day” Spirit Shirt Day

Students are encouraged to wear either their 2022 spirit shirt or dress in their best 70’s outfit

On all “Dress-Down Spirit Days”, all DLS handbook rules apply. Ripped, baggy, or too skinny jeans are never allowed. Boots are also not allowed. Jeans cannot be torn, nor can they have holes in them. Sweatpants must be DLS sweatpants or plain sweatpants. Shorts are not allowed. Shirts that are offensive or inappropriate for a Catholic school are not allowed.

If in doubt – wear something else! On all Spirit Dress Down Days, students may dress in a proper fitting non-torn jeans or DLS sweatpants/plain sweatpants with gym shoes or crocs if they wear an official DLS shirt/sweatshirt

Saturday – “De Disco” – Homecoming 2022

Field open from 6:30 to 7:30 for photos

  • Doors open at 7pm
  • Doors close at 9pm
  • Dance ends at 10:30pm
  • All students and guests need a photo ID and ticket to enter
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