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Save IL Tax Credit Scholarships

By April 24, 2023No Comments

Dear De La Salle Institute Community,

We need your help to preserve scholarships and funding for Catholic education in Illinois.

The Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program has awarded nearly 40,000 scholarships totaling more than $308 million. The program is a proven success with bipartisan voter support.

Thousands of families rely on tax credit scholarships to help their kids. Without the program sunset being removed, kids and families will face uncertainty or be unable to attend the school they love. Tell your legislator to remove the program’s sunset or kids across Illinois will lose their scholarships.

Join us to make sure tax credit scholarships are protected and extended to continue providing kids from low-income and working-class families with access to their best-fit school.

Tell your legislator to #RemoveTheSunset and #SaveMyScholarship! 

Find your legislator here  or via Big Shoulders.

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