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Fun in the Sun: DLS Spring Break 2021

By March 31, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

While the U.S. Covid-19 vaccine rollout has steadily helped Covid cases decrease, the pandemic isn’t over quite yet. Americans are advised to rethink travel plans and think responsibly as doctors and health officials call this spring break a “Perfect Storm.” Sophomore Mia Nunez, junior Jaylen Harris, and senior Elijah Miller are going to still enjoy spring break, but safely and responsibly.

Nunez usually goes on vacation with her family every spring break, but, obviously due to Covid, they decided to not go anywhere this year. Although cases are trending down and there have been more vaccination rollouts, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Nunez will spend her time practicing softball, watching Tik Toks (which is a favorite for kids and teens), and overall spending time with her family and friends. “Covid really messed things up, so I really can’t do much. I have to make the best of this situation,” stated Nunez. Since Nunez will be spending time with her family this spring break to keep busy and have fun, she’ll play an all-time favorite of Mario Kart and Mario Party, enjoy this time, and take it as a blessing to be with family and make memories.

Additionally, Harris plans to spend his spring break by getting some rest, spending time with friends, specifically by playing basketball, and catching up on work to properly finish his junior year. Harris is on the verge of starting his senior year next year, but in planning to do so, he wants to make the most of the present and the upcoming summer, so when senior year approaches, he can be in complete focus mode. “I am looking to explore new things and meet new people and overall learn and grow as a person,” stated Harris. Harris hopes that this spring break will provide somewhat of normalcy to him as the whole year has been hectic and out of sorts. “As spring break approaches and summer falls closely behind, hopefully the world as we once knew will make a return and we can truly enjoy life once again,” stated Harris.

Miller hopes that this Spring will provide him with some mental peace and relaxation from the stress of school, the college process, and the outside world. Considering this is Miller’s last spring break as a high school student, the end of the school year is fast approaching, and he is preparing for the next stage of his life. “I hope to finish my senior year strong, and since college is just around the corner, I hope to start on more scholarship opportunities and become more prepared for college,” stated Miller. 

As much as we’d all love to restore normal activities and routines of spring break, the reality of the situation is that we just can’t. This year has definitely been one for the books and has endured many changes, but in that change, there has been growth, and in that growth, gives hope for the future. For now, as a society, we have to do our part in staying safe and being responsible and hope for a better outcome for the future.

​​​​​​​Photos by Nicole Beach

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