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Faculty Member Mark Jackowiak ’88 Engages Students Through E-Learning

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19 March 2020

De La Salle faculty member Mark Jackowiak ’88 is typically a busy man.

Not only does he oversee the annual Bridge Building Contest in which the students craft structures to see how much weight they can bear, Jackowiak also teaches four classes of Honors Geometry/Pre-Calculus as well as two classes of Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry.

Jackowiak has been a member of the faculty of De La Salle since 1992.

And how is the longtime math instructor teaching his students remotely?

“I’m creating original content on PowerPoint along with an audio component for lessons,” Jackowiak said. “The Zoom feature allows me to speak and see my students in real time in squares.

“I use this feature for questions about my content and to just connect with my students as human children.

“Through Schoology, I am posting assignments and managing grades and feedback as well as running an all-day long discussion board. My students are also getting practice on their custom-made SAT College Board math study plans through Khan Academy as an additional resource during this time.”

In Jackowiak’s estimation, everything is working very well as to the Meteors learning online.

“We are not just giving busy work,” Jackowiak said. “We are getting the job done in our first-class electronic environment as we have been preparing to do and have been ahead of the curve in doing so.”

And with the hard work is also a bit of fun.

“I even posted a few video snippets of me at home teaching a “classroom” of stuffed animals,” Jackowiak said. “Since I always joke that that’s what I do all summer to practice teaching.

“I think the students appreciate the humor.”


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