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English II Classes Participate in “Bell-Ringers”

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23 March 2020

By definition, bell-ringers are “short activities that students can do as they enter the classroom to get them settled in and ready to work. These questions or tasks are to be completed before class starts or as the bell rings.”

Erin Cunnea is in her first year of teaching at De La Salle. She teaches four classes of English II and one class of Drama I.

For good measure, Cunnea also is the faculty moderator of De La Salle’s award-winning Theatre 100 program.

With St. Patrick’s Day having recently taken place, Cunnea coordinated a bell-ringer for her students with the topic being “Describe a festive activity you would rather do than quarantining.”

The St. Patrick’s Day-themed Bell Ringer also involved the students’ weekly vocabulary words with students receiving extra credit if they sent in a festive picture.

According to Cunnea, the Meteors did an excellent job of providing a variety of responses to the question as well as sending in accompanying photos.

“Well, the daily Bell-Ringers get almost a 100 percent response rate…” Cunnea said. “I think the students enjoyed seeing each other’s spirit when I shared the pictures on Schoology.”

Great job, Meteors!


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