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E-Day Platform Thriving at De La Salle

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17 March 2020

The classrooms are quiet at De La Salle.

So, too, are the hallways that are normally full of students, faculty and staff.

Because of safety precautions taken regarding the coronavirus, our school has instituted its E-Day policy in which the young women and men of De La Salle become online learners. This policy will be in place until at least March 31.

According to De La Salle Associate Principal for Curriculum and Learning Technology Paul Dirschl, our school – which has had its E-Day policy in place for four years – is more than ready to accept the challenge as the learning environment at De La Salle is ongoing and thriving.

“Online learning is used by all of our teachers, students and administration,” Dirschl said.

“The students check all their courses for assignments and complete them electronically. This has worked well in the past, we’ve done professional development in the past and the teachers collaborate with each other on different strategies.

“Online learning is something that you see used in colleges and the workforce. This isn’t new to us. Our teachers are trained on how to do it. We’ve had e-days in the past and this approach, this technology isn’t new to us. I think that’s important.”

Another key factor in the successful implementation and usage of De La Salle’s E-Day policy is teachers are able to collaborate with their colleagues.

“The teachers can communicate with each other via email and discuss strategies and certain programs that are used to meet the needs and challenges of our students,” Dirschl said.

With 96 percent of our students attending college upon graduation, the use of online learning assuredly contributes to the Meteors’ preparation for their futures.

“The online learning is course-specific,” Dirschl said. “The students can log into Schoology and watch online videos, watch interactive PowerPoint presentations and listen to audio presentations.

“There are many things to meet all their educational needs.”

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