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Six Meteors Earn Evans Scholars Awards

By April 3, 2023No Comments

Congratulations to the following students for being named Evans Scholars:

The Chick Evans Scholarship is a highly prestigious and sought-after scholarship program for students in the United States. The scholarship provides full tuition and housing for four years of college to deserving students who have demonstrated a strong academic record, financial need, and outstanding character.

Pictured from left-right, Alger D (The University of Chicago), Soley G (University of Illinois Chicago), Joslyn S (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jalen T (University of Illinois Chicago), Samantha D (Michigan State University), and Isella P (Marquette University).

Here are some reasons why the Chick Evans Scholarship is a huge deal for students:

  1. Covers Full Tuition and Housing: The Chick Evans Scholarship provides a full ride for students, which means that all expenses related to tuition and housing are covered. This is a significant financial burden that is lifted from the student and their family, allowing them to focus on their education.
  2. Highly Selective: The scholarship program is highly competitive, with only a small percentage of applicants being accepted. This means that being selected for the scholarship is a significant accomplishment and recognition of the student’s academic and personal achievements.
  3. Builds a Community: The Evans Scholars Foundation has a strong community of scholars, alumni, and supporters who provide networking opportunities, mentorship, and professional development to its recipients. This creates a supportive environment that can help students succeed academically and professionally.
  4. Prestige and Recognition: Being an Evans Scholar is a highly respected and recognized achievement. This can help students stand out when applying for jobs or graduate school, and can open doors to opportunities that might not have been available otherwise.

Overall, the Chick Evans Scholarship is a huge deal for students because it provides them with financial support, community, and recognition that can help them achieve their goals and succeed in life.

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