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September 2023 Meteor of the Month

By September 20, 2023No Comments

We are proud to announce the September Meteor of the Month: Taylor Schergen.

  • Is a member of the Basketball Team
  • A Lasallian Youth Leader
  • A NHS Member and a member of Spanish Honor Society
  • A Football Manager
  • Girls Soccer Manager
  • Works with yearbook to take all media day pictures for all sports
  • Is a vital member of the City of De

This Meteor has been a leader since her freshman year. In Lasallian Youth she actively recruited other classmates to join and thus has been responsible for significantly strengthening our group. From the beginning, she has been consistent with her attendance and follow-through. Eager to do well, she has grown her leadership skills each year. She is the senior that I can most depend on to think quickly on her feet and to be creative in leading. She is communicative and responsive when tasked. SHE is outgoing and friendly, and younger students look up to her because she leads by example with grace and courage. Recently, she was one of the key leaders for the Freshman Retreat. Not only did she lead the freshman at retreat – but she also was a leader for her peers. SHE RAISES THE BAR WHEN IT COMES TO LEADERSHIP IN HER CLASS. She is long-overdue for the Meteor of the Month award for she is an extremely hard worker, polite, respectful, and a corner stone of our community.

Ms. Vogel

Taylor does EVERYTHING. Whenever anything needs doing – she is there to step up and help.

Mr. Colletti

She has embodied what it means to be Lasallian and a Meteor since her very first day at school. She is always there to lend a helping hand and no matter how busy, she always takes care of her responsibilities. As her basketball coach, I am very appreciative of not only what she does on the court but also all of her help behind the scenes. This award is well deserved!

Mr. Stevenson

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