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January 2023 Meteor of the Month

By February 2, 2023No Comments

We are proud to announce the January Meteor of the Month: Elvis Chen.

Elvis has been in many of my study periods and has always carried himself with much maturity and finesse. He does his work, but is always eager to help out at a second’s notice. This semester, I had no volunteers to work in one of the work spaces and they didn’t hesitate to volunteer. He is polite, well-mannered, and extremely thoughtful. Thus, I believe he represents our school well and is worthy of the Meteor of the Month Award.

Ms. Geers

Elvis was a delight to have in my Literature class. He was always engaged; he would do all of the reading, sometimes before others were finished, but he never shared spoilers. He’d talk articulately and sympathetically about what he’d read. He is a kind young person, he works really well with others, and he is a good role model for others in how to be kind and cooperative while still being a unique individual.

Mrs. Costello-Stebleton

I have Elvis in class this semester and LOVE his presence in my room. He is so kind and thoughtful. He did a wonderful job on his presentation on suffrage and he really tries to understand things from others’ point of view.”
While Ms. Bixman wrote, “he enters class with a positive energy every single day, and is one of the friendliest students I've ever had. I've never seen him without a smile. He works extremely well with others, and is a reliable friend to his teammates and peers.

Ms. Contreras

Elvis is a perceptive and enthusiastic student. He sets an example for his classmates, always greeting peers and teachers respectfully. His confident, friendly attitude translates into meaningful insight in class and beyond. He is a phenomenal representative of De La Salle.

Mr. Byrne

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