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Podcast – Meteors Pulse Episode 1

Today we are unveiling the first episode of the Meteors Pulse: a De La Salle Podcast (The Pulse). The Pulse is hosted by seniors Isella and Mia. Both are class leaders and heavily involved in school and extracurriculars. This new podcast is inspired by students and made for students. Under the direction of the Victory News moderators and the school's Communication's office, Isella and Mia will be exploring what makes De La Salle Institute a unique center of academic excellence, faith formation, and social-emotional development. Today's episode explores Spirit Week 2022 and features two interviews with Coaches Marassa (Volleyball) and Quinn (Football). If you have a story idea, please share it with Isella and Mia or Mr. Barnotes.Credits Hosts: Isella Perea '23 and Mia Nuñez '23 Director, Videographer, Editor: Rich Barnotes '10 Executive Producers: David Terry, Brittany Monaco '14, Bettina Glaesser
Rich Barnotes
October 7, 2022
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