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The Victory News: The Covarrubias Experience: Graciela Covarrubias Coming to De La Salle Institute

By October 7, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

Graciela Covarrubias believes teamwork makes the dream work. Her outgoing personality has an impact on everyone around her. De La Salle Institute welcomes Covarrubias with open arms.

Taking risks can be very overwhelming and scary for some but change didn’t intimidate Covarrubias! At the age of 17, Covarrubias was given the opportunity to attend DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She decided to take a leap, pack her bags, and leave Southern California, the only home she ever knew. When she arrived in Chicago, she was a total stranger. Relying on her first impression, it was her time to make her mark. Moving was a perfect chance for Covarrubias to pursue what she loved, as well as learn more about herself.

Covarrubias loves to work with others. She was able to land an internship her freshman year of college as she studied public relations. This experience helped her realize that she wanted to work at a place that empowers students. Covarrubias later graduated from DePaul University, where she obtained a bachelor’s in Organizational Communication and Public Relations and Advertising. She then received a Master of Arts degree in Communications and Media with a focus on Organizational Communication.

Before she began to work at De La Salle, Covarrubias worked in college admissions for three years, “It was great to work with students who were finishing up their high school careers and getting ready for the next chapter, but it was really hard as I didn’t get to be involved with those students past them being admitted,” said Covarrubias. Covarrubias looked forward to being able to build more personal relationships with students. She wanted to have an active role as a mentor. “Personal relationships are something that I value above all else. If I had to give you my top three values, I would say they are kinship, kindness, and love. Being in a place where the community and relationships are such a huge priority is something that is really in line with my personal values,” said Covarrubias.

Socializing comes easy to Covarrubias. As the new Assistant Director of Admissions, Covarrubias’ role is to scout for new members to join the De La Salle family. “I was really invested in being in an environment where I felt like I could have more of an impact,” said Covarrubias. Not knowing much about De La Salle, Covarrubias was greatly influenced by Carlene Klaas, the new Dean of Enrollment at De La Salle, to join the Meteor family. Covarrubias describes Klaas as a “strong female leader” whom she looks up to and thanks every day.

No day working here at De La Salle is the same for Covarrubias. Going out to a variety of grammar schools or bringing future students in-house to shadow is how Covarrubias spends her time. Covarrubias’ goal this year “Is to hopefully bring in one of the biggest freshmen classes (c/o 2026) De La Salle has seen in a while, really working to recruit and make sure that we are intentionally expanding this family of ours,” said Covarrubias.

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