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The Victory News: Back and Better Than Ever: Ms. Millsapp Returns to De La Salle Institute

By October 21, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

Ms. Krishna Millsapp, the new Assistant Principal for Learning Services and Curriculum, reunites with the De La Salle Institute’s community this year. Millsapp started her teaching career at De La Salle teaching Science, Forensic Science, and Biology, and Chemistry before pursuing another opportunity. Teaching has been her passion for years, and she has never stopped wanting to help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Millsapp previously worked at Mount Carmel High School for 14 years where she taught Math, Biology, and Chemistry. She also created a Forensic Science program. Not long after, she became the Curriculum Director for two years. She was also the Interim Principal at Resurrection College Preparatory.

As the Assistant Principal for Learning Services and Curriculum, Millsapp also assists the resource program at De La Salle. She helps students that need a little extra guidance with their studies by helping students stay organized, conducting verbal tests or assistance with assessments. Millsapp makes sure she is setting up students to have the necessary skills they need to do well: over the next four years and preparation for the next part of their life.

Millsapp enjoys working at Catholic school for various reasons. She noticed the difference in relationships she is able to form while being part of a Catholic school. In her eyes, more meaningful bonds can be made, “I like to be able to teach the way I teach and not be restricted or confined to a prescribed curriculum,” said Millsapp. In addition, she added she felt a sense of family re-entering De La Salle’s community.

Millsapp has always loved education. She graduated from eighth grade at 12-years-old and started high school at a very young age. Being so young in high school was very difficult for her considering she was trying to bond with students much older than her. Millsapp came across a lot of hurdles as she was going to school. She moved out of the country to Jamaica at the age of eight. In Jamaica, the learning style was quite different from what she had been accustomed to back home in Chicago. She knew that once she graduated from high school things would become much easier for her. Millsapp entered college at 16-years-old and continued schooling many years after the completion of her undergraduate degree.

This being Millsapp’s second go-round of teaching at De La Salle, she wishes to bring her knowledge to the students and faculty here. “Enjoy the (senior) year and take advantage of every opportunity and activity,” said Millsapp. Millsapp is not just a resource for academic help, although she really loves teaching students and helping them feel good about themselves, she is here for students’ development long term ensuring they do not lose sight of fun during their childhood!

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