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Seniors Return Four Days

By May 18, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

Due to the ongoing pandemic, students weren’t able to fully return to school all at once. A hybrid or remote option was given to students on how they would spend their 2020-21 school year. Luckily, due to recent vaccinations becoming available and a slight decrease in Covid-19 cases, a new option was given to De La Salle Insitute’s students, specifically seniors. Seniors were given the option to stay hybrid, come four days a week, or completely stay remote. Fortunately, most students chose to come to school four days a week and spend the remainder of the time they have left around their DLS family. Three students in particular, seniors Jhordan Jointer, Letrell Knight, and Matthew Chavez give their insight on the new change. 

The pandemic has been especially hard for all of our students at DLS, but our current seniors missed out the most. “Due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to finish my junior year the way I would’ve liked. I missed out on a lot of activities junior year and part of my senior year, and I’m just grateful that we can make the most of a tough situation,” said Jointer. The sacred and true traditions of their upperclassmen years were cut short and restrictions were put in place. It’s not at all what the class of 2021 could’ve or would’ve imagined. They had to hope for the best and prepare for the worst considering there is no control over the situation.

Knight, who started as a hybrid student and switched to being remote during the first semester, made the decision to come back four days a week because he missed his Meteor family. He transferred in his junior year and was disappointed by the way things panned out, like most. “It’s always hard starting at a new school, but starting at a new school and having your junior year cut short when you just started getting adapted to a new environment, is tough,” said Knight. Students are continuing to adjust to the “new normal” of education. “We can’t dwell on the past and think about what we couldn’t do, but should look to the future and have hope for when this is over we can get back to regular life,” said Knight. 

For those who were remote or were originally hybrid, it was a struggle to adjust to coming back to school everyday, but in the end it was worth it. “Coming back to school four days a week made me focus on my studies more and helped keep my schedule in order,” said Chavez.

Though there is no exact determination on how much longer Covid will last. It is a hurdle that everyone is working to climb, especially in the sphere of education.

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