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November 2022 Meteor of the Month

By December 9, 2022No Comments

The  November Meteor of the Month

  • This Meteor has been repeatedly praised for his friendliness and leadership when hosting shadow students.
  • They have assisted as a leader with freshman retreat.
  • They have demonstrated faith with their active participation in their church youth group where among other activities they spent a week during the summer on an immersion service trip to help the homeless.

We are proud to announce the November Meteor of the Month: Cal Anderson.

This Meteor smiles and greets others without hesitation. They are collaborative and freely give of their time to others that need help studying. I can’t count the number of times they have helped carry boxes and heavy items for others. When asked to help… ‘no’, is not in their vocabulary.

Ms. Geers

He is a great listener and he works hard on and off the field. He is someone who never makes excuses.” While Mr. Maldonado states, “he is one of the most respectful and passionate young men I have ever met. He was very supportive of his teammates in soccer, and a hard worker in boxing.

Mr. Martinez

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