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March & April 2023 Meteor of the Month

By April 12, 2023No Comments

We are proud to announce the March Meteor of the Month: QyTisheonna Gardner.

  • Lasallian Youth leader for the past two years
  • Is a Peer Minister
  • Is a member of the Black Student Union

QyTisheonna is gentle, kind and attentive. Service is a natural part of her personality as she is always asking how she can help. She is a hard worker and she’s always striving to improve herself. I’ve seen her grow from a quiet and shy freshman to a junior who is a true leader as she grows more confident each day. She has found her way through a few challenges with strength and poise. She is a great leader in Lasallian Youth because she helps foster the sense of community and belongingness that we are always striving toward. QyTisheonna is a role model for all of us and I’m grateful to know her!

Ms. Vogel

She is polite, respectful, and curious about learning. QyTisheonna always helps the classroom succeed and she works well with others. She frequently volunteers to help when help is needed.

Mr. Wood

This Meteor is one of the most hardworking students I have come to know at De. Her bright smile and cheery attitude help spread positive vibes throughout the classrooms and halls. She is always ready to take on new challenges and tasks presented to her, however difficult they may be. QyTisheonna devoted involvement at De La Salle, including her fantastic contributions to the yearbook, is what makes her stand out as a bright spot.

Mrs. Glaesser

We are proud to announce the April Meteor of the Month: Gabrielle Wilson.

  • Is a member of National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society
  • Is a member of the Black Student Union
  • Is a member of the Track and Field Team

Gabrielle is always conscientious about their work, and they are ranked 4th in their class for a reason. She gets along well with her peers and teachers, and I’ve only ever seen her working hard and being a positive part of the school. She is passionate about wanting to make De La Salle great. As such she is part of the City of De, Black Student Union, and several other clubs. Not only does she join, she makes herself an important member of each group, and she is
as dedicated to them as she is to her schoolwork.

Mr. Costello-Stebelton

She always enters class with a positive attitude. Her willingness to go above and beyond in her academics is inspiring. Gabrielle is very uplifting and always takes her interactions with peers, especially during group work, very seriously. She is deserving of such an honor and serves as a great role model for the junior class.

Mr. Mooney

This meteor is fantastic. In class she is always listening and always eager to learn. Her Spanish is excellent as well as her grade. Gabbi is a leader with a bright future.

Mr. Maldonado

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