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Making the Most of the 2022 Fall College Fair

By October 28, 2022No Comments

College fairs for high school students are exciting events. That’s particularly true for students that are struggling with their college decision or who aren’t sure where to start their college search. During our most recent college fair, students were able to gather a lot of information quickly, allowing them to learn what they need to know to choose the best school for them.

“We had nearly 100 colleges and universities attend our Fall Fair,” said Mr. Dan VanDyke, director of student services. “It is a tremendous endeavor to organize this many schools and coordinate schedules for our junior and seniors, but our team is 100% behind providing these kinds of supports in high school so that our students find their preferred options after they graduate.”

Students were encouraged to collect contact information for every college representative while also gathering all the literature and brochures possible to help them make informed decision about their postsecondary options.

2022 Fall College Fair

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