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January 2023 Lasallian Educator of the Month

By February 2, 2023No Comments

The January Lasallian Educator of the Month

Ms. Monique Cruz

This teacher is truly selfless and that’s shown through her commitment to De La Salle.

She truly does a lot for the school and it goes unnoticed. As a teacher, she’s always helpful. Whether it’s about school or not, she’s always going to be there for her students. Also, she does everything she has this year, pregnant! She’s selfless and funny, she deserves to be recognized.” Another student added “She takes time to listen to her students and values their opinions. She is always willing to work with her classes to  make the best experience possible. She is kind, caring, and not just a teacher to her students, but a  friend and mentor.”

She is not only a fantastic educator, but she is also a phenomenal 3-sport head coach. She cares and supports her athletes with so much love. Everywhere she goes, she brightens the room. Many students love how they are able to open up to this educator. In addition, This teacher is De’s Lasallian representative. She’s been to numerous conferences and is committed to the Lasallian mission.

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