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Get to know Head Volleyball Coach, Anna Marassa

De La Salle’s Coach’s Corner welcomes Head Volleyball Coach Anna Marassa, who has been leading the charge of the Meteor Volleyball Program for the last 20 years. This year, Coach Marassa captured her 500th career win with a victory over St. Ignatius! Coach Marassa has been a bright spot within the Volleyball program, helping our Meteors continue their academic and athletic careers at the Collegiate Level.

What brought you to De La Salle?

  • Michael Quirk contacted a former colleague of mine inquiring about the Girl’s School openings, and she contacted me.

What are 1 of 2 of your strengths that would stand out to a prospective family?

  • I am extremely experienced in what I teach and coach, I have been coaching Volleyball for 29 years. I am fully committed to helping the students of De La Salle reach their academic and athletic goals. I take pride in helping the student reach their full potential.

How did you bring together your coaching staff and what strengths do they bring?

  • My coaching staff has an array of experience, from being here longer than me, as well as new hires who were interested in being part of our De La Salle family. Each coach brings not only past volleyball coaching experience, but Coach Phipps also is a former Olympian. Her biggest strength is in training student-athletes, and we are very excited to have her on board with us!

How do you see the Lasallian Values (Faith, Service, Community, Social Justice) brought out in your team?

  • There are several things we do as a group, at all levels, throughout the season and school year that portray Lasallian values. For example, the varsity prays before every match; the program helps set-up and clean-up on game days; the program hosts multiple grammar school volleyball events where the players work and run the events; and we raise money for cancer research for Rush Hospital on our breast cancer awareness night.

Not just athletically, but how are you building these young men and women?

  • I emphasize in class and on the court to be accountable, responsible, and independent young adults. I expect them to demonstrate this daily and by example throughout their years here. I’m very proud to see how the students grow from when they walk in as freshman, until they leave here as graduates.

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