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Summer at D

Summer at D Join us for an unforgettable summer at De La Salle where students create, collaborate and play every day.Summer Programs are open to the public and run from mid-June until the end of July. All programs are centered on campus, but outings and adventures are often part of the fun. Week of June 20-23 Camp Offerings JTVCdHJpYmVfZXZlbnRzX2xpc3QlMjBjYXRlZ29yeSUzRCUyMnN1bW1lcm9uZSUyMiU1RA== Week of June 26-30 Camp Offerings JTVCdHJpYmVfZXZlbnRzX2xpc3QlMjBjYXRlZ29yeSUzRCUyMnN1bW1lcnR3byUyMiU1RA== Week of July 10-14 Camp Offerings JTVCdHJpYmVfZXZlbnRzX2xpc3QlMjBjYXRlZ29yeSUzRCUyMnN1bW1lcnRocmVlJTIyJTVE Week of July 17-21 Camp Offerings JTVCdHJpYmVfZXZlbnRzX2xpc3QlMjBjYXRlZ29yeSUzRCUyMnN1bW1lcmZvdXIlMjIlNUQ= Week of July 24-28 Camp Offerings JTVCdHJpYmVfZXZlbnRzX2xpc3QlMjBjYXRlZ29yeSUzRCUyMnN1bW1lcmZpdmUlMjIlNUQ= Shadow Days Experience life as a Meteor. Shadow a De La Salle student for a day who may share the same interests that you’d like to experience when you’re in high school. See our campus, observe classes, and experience Meteor life. Shadow Days are available most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Pre-registration is required. For more details about and to register for Meteor for a Day, visit our Shadow Day Request page. Parent Info Session & Tour Experience our campus. An astro-turf that you can see from an airplane and a skyline you can see from your classroom? Chicago is both our backyard and our neighbor. Tour our Bronzeville campus, ooh and ahh at…
David Terry
March 17, 2023
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