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PACC & Advanced Placement
Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC)

The St. Mary’s University of Minnesota Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) provides college level and credit courses to parochial secondary school students in the high school setting. Currently, De La Salle Institute offers the following courses in co-operation with the PACC program:

DLS AS 549 Calculus I SMU M151 Calculus I - 4 credits
DLS LA 349 H. English IV SMU E175 Intro to Literature - 3 credits
DLS LA 339 H. American Lit. SMU E195 Topics in Amer. Lit. - 3 credits
DLS AS 648 Anatomy & Phys SMU B200 Human Biology/Lab - 3 credits

Benefits of PACC to De La Salle Students:

  • Academically challenges superior high school students.
  • Students continue high school experiences while earning college credit.
  • Students take a much broader range of courses once in college.
  • Students earn college credit, generally transferable.
  • Students utilize college-level textbooks and participate in lectures by college professors.
  • By earning college credit while in high school, students may find greater flexibility once in college for purposes of graduation, majors, internships, etc.

PACC delivers on-site course work through the team efforts of a SMU faculty member, a secondary school classroom instructor, students, the DLS Assistant Principal, and the SMU program administrator. St. Mary’s is dedicated to serving and strengthening the nation’s religiously affiliated high schools.

Student participants must rank in the top 20% of their class, score in at least the 50% percentile on a standardized test, maintain a 3.0/4.0 grade point average, or receive approval by the De La Salle PACC Program Coordinator. College credit is earned from St. Mary’s University if a student receives at least a “B” grade average in the course for the year.

Over the past (5) years, an average of 60 students have enrolled in this program each year and have earned over 375 transferrable college credits annually. At the discretion of the receiving institution, these credits are used in one of two ways: either as a direct fulfillment of equivalent content courses, or as general education credits.

Honors & Advanced Placement Courses

By design, De La Salle Institute does not teach courses to specifically prepare students for AP exams or develop our curriculum to conform to external standardized assessments. A number of De La Salle students each year choose to prepare independently for a variety of AP exams and perform well.

Below is a sampling of our Honors and AP courses:

AP Courses are offered:
American Politics
Computer Science
French Language
Spanish Language
Studio Art
U.S. History

Honors Courses offered:
Advanced & Studio Art
Algebra I
Algebra 2/Trigonometry
American Literature
Anatomy & Physiology
British Literature
Christian Vocations
Church History
Concert Band
English I
French I, II, III
Independent Research
    Old & New Testament
Social Justice
Spanish I, II, III
Spanish for
    Native Speakers I, II, III
Technical Drawing I, II
Understanding Christianity
World History
World Religions