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Mission & Philosophy
De La Salle Institute is an independent Catholic secondary school rooted in the tradition of Christian Education begun by St. John Baptist de La Salle. Founded in 1889, its mission has been, and is, to foster a desire for excellence in education. Young people from a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds are given the opportunity to fully develop their abilities so they may be active, contributing members of our complex changing society.

Adopted by the Board of Directors

The faculty of De La Salle believes the value and dignity of each student requires that we provide the opportunities for each student to develop themselves to the best of their abilities. The spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of each student is the primary purpose of all the educational processes of De La Salle Institute. Through the curriculum and outside resources, the faculty creates an atmosphere that encourages the capacity for right judgment, provides an introduction into the cultural heritage of American society, promotes a sense of Christian values, develops an appreciation of the aesthetic, and strives to prepare the students for professional and non-professional work in the world.

The Christian Brothers, who own, administer and help staff De La Salle Institute, have worked with students of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds in order to develop the same skills and attitudes originally fostered by St. John Baptist de La Salle. The Brothers can point to the first director, Brother Adjutor, who professed that the Brothers were to provide the environment to foster the development of professional and academic skills which assist the students in becoming successful young men and women who would in turn contribute their talents to the community.

Accordingly, the programs at De La Salle Institute are shaped by a dedication to the Christian life and values. In cooperation with the students and their families, the faculty strives to achieve the development of Christian, educated and cultured men and women. Through this cooperation, the students work toward the following goals:
  • To become Christians who live the Gospel message of Jesus;
  • To become educated men and women who possess academic, professional and job-related skills which enable them to think critically, to assume leadership and to attain responsible use of inalienable freedom;
  • To become cultured men and women who appreciate the fine arts;
  • To become patriotic citizens who are prepared to live in and appreciate a diverse, integrated society outside of school life;
  • To become men and women who are emotionally prepared to deal with the complexity of life in our changing society.
The students are able to become persons who seek lives based on Christian values and reflect these values in their attitudes, actions, and words. They develop themselves through the daily practice of religion and through formal instruction in Roman Catholic faith and morals, through a curriculum that concerns itself with addressing their
needs and recognizing their abilities, and through participation in school activities that can enrich their lives. Through its policies and regulations, De La Salle Institute provides the discipline necessary to accomplish these goals.

The faculty is committed to working with each student so that he/she can become a Christian, who will contribute positively to our society. De La Salle Institute exists to cultivate in our students the ideals in this philosophy.