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Lourdes Alumnae Relations
Dear Lourdes High School Alumnae, Faculty, Staff, & Friends:

The Alumnae Association welcomes you to our web page. Serving alumnae and enhancing the growth and development of the Lourdes Alumnae Association is our purpose. Please read our web page. We look forward to your suggestions regarding how it can be improved and more helpful.

The Alumnae Association would like to take this opportunity to thank those who gave their time and showed great dedication in supporting Lourdes High School Alumnae committees and events. We would also like to thank past Alumnae Association officers and representatives for building the foundation for the rest of us. As the new Alumnae Association leadership, we look forward to the many new challenges ahead.

Involvement & Participation in the Alumnae Association has decreased. Our goals are to build on what former Alumnae Association officers and representatives began. We want to renew the pride and excitement among the alumnae, strengthen relationships with Lourdes faculty, staff, and alumnae, and re-organize the association so that more representatives from the various graduating years join in giving input and ensuring the Lourdes Spirit stays alive. So much more could happen with more resources and greater participation.

Currently, some alumnae have already volunteered to serve as representatives and help with newly formed committees. If you are interested in becoming a representative and/or helping to plan future events, please let us know.

Please feel free to contact an association officer if you would like to share some suggestions or ideas. Let us hear from you. We’re working to serve you better.

Warm Regards!

Lourdes High School Alumnae Association 
Association Goals:
  1. Act as a representative body for Lourdes alumnae
  2. Become a source of information for other LHS graduates for those organizing reunions
  3. Find alumnae who wish to be involved in the association
  4. Serve as a source to help LHS graduates re-connect with other LHS graduates
  5. Plan events & reunions