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Incoming Freshman
Welcome to De La Salle

Your freshman year at De La Salle holds many opportunities and obstacles for you as a new high school student. We appreciate you allowing us to provide the comprehensive education that will prepare you to face the challenges of life after high school.

On behalf of the entire De La Salle family, we promise to continue our hard work and dedication as we help guide you through your critical adolescent years and build a solid foundation for a successful future.

Institute Campus 312-842-7355…
Principal Mrs. Diane Brown, Ext. 101
Asst. Principal Mr. Nick Colletti, Ext. 105
Associate Principal Mr. Paul Dirschl, Ext. 132
Dean of Students Mr. John Callinan, Ext. 109
Director of Student Services Mr. Dan VanDyke, Ext. 104
Campus Minister Ms. Emily Vogel, Ext. 126
Athletic Director Mr. Tom White, Ext. 118
Business Manager Mr. Michael Senjanin, Ext. 131
Director of Financial Aid Mr. Christopher Hall, Ext. 150
Director of Transportation Mr. Anthony Dugo, Ext. 112
What is the Question or Issue? Whom to Call…
What courses am I taking? Mr. Nick Colletti
Honors Program Mr. Paul Dirschl
Athletics/Summer Camps Mr. Tom White
Clubs/Activities Mr. James Segredo
Retreats Ms. Emily Vogel
Financial Aid Availability Mr. Christopher Hall
Bus Routes Mr. Anthony Dugo
Tuition Payment Plan Mr. Michael Senjanin
Dress Code/Discipline Mr. John Callinan