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Student Services

Meeting the
Academic & Developmental
Needs of Our Students

The Student Services Department at De La Salle Institute is designed
to meet the academic, social & developmental needs of its students.

Academic Counseling

  • Facilitating communication between teachers and students
  • Monitoring students academic progress
  • Setting Academic & Personal Goals
  • Foster the student's personal sense of responsibility & accountability
  • Identifying academic issues and helping to develop action plans with students and parents
  • Assisting in course planning
  • Assisting in interpreting standardized testing

Personal Counseling

  • Discuss issues related adjusting to high school
  • Encouraging students to manage personal challenges
  • Identify students strengths and interests
  • Support families who have medical issues
  • Discuss emotional or social issues that may be interfering with academic performance
    • Difficulty Concentrating
    • Family Stress
    • Peer Relationships
    • Motivational Issues
    • Self-Esteem

A counselor is always available to deal with emergencies throughout the day. Students may be referred for services by faculty, parents or themselves. All students are eligible for counseling.

Academic Initiatives

  • Classroom Presentations
    • Guidance Program counselors regularly visit classrooms to present information on school related topics and events.
  • All School Testing
    • Standardized Testing to help assess students' on-going academic progress and preparation for the ACT and SAT. We inform parents of testing results and help with result interpretation.
  • Supplemental Instruction
    • Student Services can help coordinate study time or supplemental instruction for students that struggle academically.

School Wide Initiatives

  • Peer Mediation
    • We enlist our most mature and objective upper classmen to act as mediators in minor disputes and conflicts among our students
    • Resolution is sought through dialogue and compromise
  • Drug Awareness
    • Each year student services organizes a series of events, advisory discussions, and school assemblies that make up “DRUG AWARENESS WEEK”
    • Information to make students aware of the hazards of substance abuse
  • Acceptance Week
    • Student Services provides activities, lesson plans, and guest speakers for the student body to support the acceptance of diversity in and outside of the school.
    • Committees of students establish events, speakers, presentations for their peers to encourage the acceptance/tolerance of each other’s differences.
  • Consulting Psychologists
    • Student Services maintains a close association with a counseling psychologist to assist in the management of student mental health issues.
    • We have available contacts with outside agencies that provide ongoing assistance and counseling to our graduates.