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National Honor Society
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Spring Candidate Form

Directions: Induction in the National Honor Society is based upon exemplary achievement in four critical areas: leadership, service, character, and scholarship. Complete all sections. Do not be modest; every bit of information is used by the Faculty Selection Committee to assist with the selection process.

Completion of this form does not guarantee selection. If you have questions on the Candidate Form or the process, see Ms Ramos or Mr. Dirschl.

The Candidate Form is due no later than 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 to Mr. Dirschl in the principal’s office OR Ms. Ramos in Room 320.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Please keep the following items in mind as you prepare the Candidate Form:

  1. Type all information on the Scholastic Assessment.
  2. For each entry, obtain the signature of the Adult Sponsor.
  3. Paper clip the Assessment, do not staple it.
  4. All information is subject to verification.
  5. The Scholastic Assessment must be neat, thorough, and accurate.
  6. The Faculty Committee may consider the quality of the Scholastic Assessment in the screening process, for example, grammar, spelling, etc.

Please click here to download the NHS Candidate Form.

National Honor Society membership is not solely based on your grade point average. The goal of the organization is to have well-rounded members who contribute to the betterment of their school and their community. Therefore, there are four characteristics that determine membership. These characteristics are LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, AND CHARACTER.

  1. SCHOLARSHIP: Any junior or senior with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above and has been a student at De La Salle for at least one semester is eligible for consideration.

  2. LEADERSHIP: This includes elected positions of leadership both inside and outside of the school. It also includes non-elected leadership. A student who shows leadership in the classroom by doing more than earning good grades. They ask questions and do more than just the work. The same effort should be found in their work in extra-curricular activities. They distinguish themselves from the crowd by exhibiting leadership skills.

  3. SERVICE: This includes involvement in school activities. This is very important as it is a way that a student can give service to the school and also better herself. This would also include involvement in activities outside of school such as in your Parish or church community, Girl Scouts, and other organizations. This is an important area because it leads to well rounded student which the NHS is looking for. The key here is involvement in a variety of activities both inside and outside of school.

  4. CHARACTER: This refers to a student’s behavior in school and their attitude. Students who are negative in their approach to fellow students or about De La Salle or life in general are not NHS material. This is not just about how many detentions etc., but it refers to a general outlook and approach to life.