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Each year bus routes are adjusted to serve the majority of students, however, there is no guarantee we will be able to provide transportation to your area. By the first week of August the completed school bus routes will be available for viewing on the Transportation page of the De La Salle website:

Students who wish to take the school bus will have to meet at the designated stops listed. Students are to be standing on the designated pick-up stop before the bus arrives and be prompt in both boarding and leaving the bus. Students waiting in cars may be left behind.

Buses are scheduled to arrive at De La Salle approximately 15 – 20 minutes before school begins. If traffic or weather causes a delay in arrival time, students are not considered late. At the end of each day, buses leave 10 minutes after dismissal, thus the buses on a regular dismissal day begin boarding at 2:45 pm and depart for their routes at 2:55 pm.

Students who do not ride the bus in the morning for two consecutive weeks are assumed to no longer be using the bus service. Unless other students are consistently being picked up at that stop, it may be removed from the route. Please check with the Transportation Office, at least the day prior to your intent to use a stop you have not used before, to ensure it has not been removed from the route due to underuse.

A special Activities Bus is provided to those participating in after school extra-curricular activities to transport students to points near to their homes along and within the bus route boundaries. Click here to see activity bus route boundaries. The Activities Bus boards at the Activity Center at 5:45 pm and promptly departs at 6:00 pm. Deviations in departure times will take place on early dismissal days and will be mentioned during public announcements. Students who stay after school for other reasons, such as detention, hanging out with friends or being a spectator at a sports event must arrange their own transportation home.

Bus tickets are sold in a booklet and can only be purchased at the Meteor Shop. The Meteor Shop is open every day before classes begin and during all lunch periods. Bus ticket booklets cost $60.00 (20 tickets). Students must hand the bus driver one ticket per ride. The cost for a student without a ticket is $3.00 cash. No student will be allowed to board without either a bus ticket or cash payment. Bus tickets will also be available for purchase during Back to School Days in August.

De La Salle’s bus service is not an obligation of the school. Any bus owned, operated or chartered by De La Salle Institute is considered to be a mobile classroom and the ride is a school-sponsored event. Therefore, all students are expected to show respect, maintain order and listen to authority just as they would in a classroom. The bus driver has the authority to assign or change any or all seats at any time. The directions of the bus driver with regard to behavior, attitude, seating, language and actions are to be obeyed. Students who disobey the bus driver will be disciplined.

For insurance purposes, only De La Salle students may ride the De La Salle bus. Food, beverages, use of cell phones, smoking, pets, unbecoming language, and abusive noise are not permitted. Neither is boisterousness, clowning, heckling or any abuse of windows, equipment, driver, fellow riders or outsiders.

Because failure to abide by these bus regulations can jeopardize the safety of lives and the reputation of the school, we want both parents and students to clearly understand that such conduct will be considered more serious than similar conduct elsewhere, and can result in immediate and permanent removal from the bus and perhaps from the school.

In order to receive text messages, if the bus is running in excess of 20 minutes late, please opt into the messaging system by sending ‘yes’ to 67587 from the cell phone you placed in the Bus Rider Sign Up Form. Please contact your service provider to let them know you wish to accept texts from this 5 digit number.

Bus routes are planned over the summer. Please check the Transportation page during the first week of August for 2019 – 2020 bus route stops and times that you may use during the school year. If you fail to submit a completed bus rider signup form by May 31 2019, your child may NOT be included in the routing process. Seats are limited!