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Tablet PC Program

In August 2006, Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad Tablet PCs made their debut in our classrooms. All students at De La Salle use a Lenovo ThinkPad to produce authentic intellectual work in each of their courses.

One of our goals is to use learning technologies to support the different learning styles of our students. This goal is met when students take advantage of the mobility and flexibility of a Tablet PC and the software that is available to them. The Tablet PC is integrated into the curriculum to help students create knowledge, research information, collaborate, and share their understanding with teachers and classmates. Our courses continue to become more engaging with interactive projects as students are continually challenged to transform information into knowledge and knowledge into action. Having courses that use learning technologies to produce authentic intellectual work prepares our students for life beyond high school. 

Our faculty received and continues extensive training on enhancing student learning with a Tablet PC and in integrating technology into the curriculum. Students and teachers access e-books, use digital ink to take notes in a digital notebook, maintain organized by using Outlook, submit homework electronically, research the Internet anywhere on-campus, and have access to electronic databases to research information.

Students take their Tablet PC home every day, over the weekends, and during holidays. Our students are taught how to use technology intuitively to seek answers to problems and questions posed by teachers and themselves.